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7th July 2023 / Audition Makeup Workshop

TUTOR Sophie Garth DATE Friday 7th July AGES 10-16yrs TIME 2pm to 4pm COST Only $60 (incl GST) LOCATION TBC Sophie Garth is one of the top makeup artists in Tauranga.

Why should you take a makeup course? Please note this course is for all genders.

As an actor, investing time in doing makeup before auditions is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, makeup enhances your appearance, helping you embody the character you’re auditioning for and making a lasting impression on casting directors. It allows you to transform your features, highlighting your strengths and minimizing imperfections. Secondly, understanding the nuances of makeup for film through workshops is invaluable. Learning how lights interact with different makeup techniques helps you control your on-screen appearance, ensuring you look your best under various lighting conditions. Mastering makeup for film empowers you to communicate emotions effectively, capturing the essence of your character and delivering a compelling performance. Ultimately, makeup serves as a powerful tool to elevate your audition and increase your chances of success.

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