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About Us

The Bay Of Plenty Actors Studio is Tauranga’s premier Film and TV Acting School.
The classes are specifically tailored to help our new actors entering or, those actors who are already in the Film and TV Industry.

Our classes, structured for all age groups, are led by experienced tutors who have been trained in the nuances of acting for Film and TV. With extensive years of personal experience as actors in the entertainment industry, our tutors bring a wealth of practical knowledge, and many are actively engaged in the field.

Our mission is to provide an inspiring center for actors to learn the performing arts, our goal is to help encourage our actors to reach their full potential.


We are partnered with agencies who assist local actors with TVC work and gaining television experience. We have classes for all age groups and all our work is done to camera – this is uploaded at the end of each class to a private url for those taking the classes ONLY to view.


The entertainment industry is an exciting one, but one built on high professionalism and those that join our classes will receive the same amount of professionalism as you should expect in this industry – you will also learn about on set etiquette, audition technique and how to market oneself as an actor.

To enrich the learning experience, we occasionally bring in distinguished tutors and organize holiday workshops, enhancing the breadth of knowledge and skills offered at the Bop Actors Studio.

We look forward to working with you/ or your child and we welcome any questions you may have.

Our Team

Our Team


Tanya Horo / Director

Tanya Horo is a celebrated artist with over 25 years of experience performing as an actor, singer and writer.

From her years of involvement in the creative industries of New Zealand, Australia and the United States, Tanya has an intimate understanding of how the entertainment business works.

Tanya is very excited about developing and representing the wealth of talent in New Zealand. She and her team are committed to sharing their knowledge, skills, experience and nurturing local talent to achieve success in New Zealand and Internationally.

She is also the co-founder of the agency, Collaborate Management 

Our Tutors


Bernice Breckon / Tutor

Bernice has been immersed in the performing arts for over 20 years as an actress, writer and filmmaker in New Zealand, Australia and Los Angeles. She has studied at Screenwise Australia and at the prestigious Michelle Danner Acting studio in Los Angeles and has been taught by some of the industries most well known actors, directors, producers and teachers such as Miranda Harcourt, Denise Robertson, Peter Andrikidis, Anthony Brandon Wong, Christine Dunford, Michelle Danner and Barbara Lee Bragg to name a few.

Bernice has had work on commericals, webseries, short films and international films in NZ, Australia and Los Angeles. When Bernice is not acting or writing she continously seeks opportunities to study the craft of acting by attending classes. With her entreprenuerial skills runs businesses and programmes that support at risk youth and actively seeking opportunities for them to engage in the arts so they can express themselves freely and shine.

Bernice is signed to  Collaborate Management 


Benny Joy Smith / Tutor

Benny is a highly talented and accomplished actress with a deep passion for the performing arts. With a Bachelor’s degree in Performing and Screen Arts, she has honed her skills and expertise in various facets of the industry.

Benny gained notable recognition for her role in the popular television series “Power Rangers,” where she showcased her versatility and captivating on-screen presence. Her portrayal of a powerful and dynamic character endeared her to a wide audience and established her as a rising star in the entertainment world.

 To further enrich her artistic abilities, Benny has trained with some of the best professionals in the industry. Through rigorous instruction and mentorship, she has refined her acting techniques and expanded her creative horizons. Her dedication to continuous growth and learning demonstrates her unwavering commitment to her craft.


Benny is signed to Karen Kay Management


Adam Hogg / Tutor

Adam Hogg, is an incredible film maker and actor. He has a love of working with actors straight to camera, and completed a masterclass in Cinematography in LA and a Reduction camera class in London.


Adam manages to find himself invited to amazing festival such a 7 day film festival in Poland where he was also able to interview some of the top cinematographers in the world. Adam loves travelling and shooting documentaries and has done multiple trips around the Solomon Islands, one of his doco’s won the NZCS award, and his films have been played at the prestigious NZIFF and he also won an award for a film at the Māori Film Festival. If this isn’t enough, he also films at local TEDx Talks, festivals and more. Adam has a unique insight into the acting world being an actor and film maker.


We are so excited to be welcoming Adam to our acting studio, he brings an enormous amount of knowledge, passion and inspiration.


Samantha MacGillivray/ Tutor

Samantha MacGillivray is a trained actor from Queensland, Australia with over 10+ years experience in Film and Theatre.


She is known for eclecticism and range, clearly displayed in all her work to date. With credits in Feature Films, TV Series and Short Films, she brings that experience and knowledge of the industry into her tutoring.


She trained for 6 years at The Warehouse Workshop with Tom Mcsweeney (Casting Director) and with American Accent Dialect Coach Peter Kent for international auditions.


Ngahiriwia Rauhina / Rotorua Tutor

Ngahiriwa is a talented and accomplished actor, known for his powerful performances and deep connection to his Māori heritage.

We are lucky to have Ngahiriwa as a Tutor for our Rotorua classes and workshops. 

Ngahiriwia Rauhina is represented by The Pro Actors.


Maria Momint / Tutor

Maria serves as a tutor for our 'Silver Screen' actors aged 60 and above, and our differently-abled students in our Supernova Classes.


Renowned for her compassion and exceptional tutoring skills, Maria has a profound understanding of how to bring out the best in our students. Beyond her role, she generously volunteers for Daffodil Day, contributing to her well-established presence in the local community. Maria is widely recognized for her unwavering determination to create positive changes in people's lives. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Maria dedicated to our over-60s and differently-abled students.

Guest Tutors


Laughton Kora / Guest Tutor

Laughton Kora (Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāti Pūkeko) Laughton attended NZ Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School – and has a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts.

He featured on series two of Songs from the Inside, with Don McGlashan, Anika Moa and Annie Crummer, and starred in TVNZ’s drama series Coverband.

Laughton Kora has a passion for the performing arts that is both awe inspiring and deeply motivating.

We are beyond excited to have Laughton join us here at BOPAS – he’s a very busy man but he will be running our 9-13yr class and our adults class above.

Laughton is signed to Gail Cowan Management in Auckland.


Tyson Brown / Guest Tutor

Tyson Brown is a trained actor from LA, and after covid found himself wanting to travel to NZ, specifically the Mount.

Tyson has trained in the Meisner Technique as well as receiving most of his training in the best school you can – ON SET.

Tyson has worked on multiple short films and feature films and he’s excited to be  working in NZ as an actor and signed to Collaborate Management .


Tyson brings an energetic and student lead learning approach to his classes, falling onto technique when an actor themselves is  lost in script. He believes an actors instincts are always the best place to start. We are super excited to have this dynamic talent join us at BOPAS to train our young actors. 

Production Team


Jannine Spiers – Art Department for BOPAS Films 

Jannine has over 25 years’ experience in the film industry. She is a Creative Director, Artist, Production Designer and is currently the NZ Project Manager for the NZ International Youth Silent Film Festival (IYSFF).


Her roles include coordinating Youth filmmaking workshops and tutoring Art Direction and Art Department skills. She is also the founder for Tauranga Independent Film, a not-for-profit community lead organization that run film events and networking opportunities for the local Tauranga screen media community, including the wider Bay of Plenty region, to showcase their talents. Artistically, Jannine has a love for Film, Marionettes and Sculpture.

Gary .png

Gary Benner - Tech Guru / Film Maker

Gary Benner is a New Zealand Certified IT Professional and Educator, specialising in Internet and Software Development, e-Learning and Training, and more recently film production. He worked on the computer systems provisioning extras and body doubles for Hercules & Xena, and Lord of the Rings. Currently the director of GOODAS Film Productions, with a speciality in green screen, livestreaming, and documentary production. 

Gary is an integral part in BOPAS being able to create the many courses it does from our acting classes, to green screen making, BOPAS podcast and to our events.

As an e-Engineer, educator, and entrepreneur, Gary provides consultancy and mentoring services, and access to some of the best minds in New Zealand and overseas, through a network built up over 47 years in IT and related industries.

He’s also a meditation tutor from wayback, and a keen proponent of Rock ‘n Roll dance.


Jimi Colzato / BOPAS Editor 

A man of few words but an incredible eye for film.

Our wonderful trained editor is Jimi Colzato.

Originally from France, and still with a thick French accent, Jimi settled himself in Tauranga many years ago. Jimi is a trained actor studying at Université sciences humaines et Lettres de Besançon.

He is also an accomplished film maker, having made many short films and an incredible artist, animator and holds a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu.

Jimi is new to us here at BOPAS and we are excited to have our very own editor for all the amazing work our students get up to.

Jimi loves his cat.


Sandi Cutts / SPFX and Prosthetic Artist for BOPAS.

Sandi Cutts is a Tauranga based hair designer & makeup artist and award-winning body painting artist.

Having over 20 years of experience in the television and entertainment industry, she prides herself in providing a quality service to high profile groups and individuals in the creative arts.

Her work has won several awards for special FX, one judged by Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop.

Sandi is often seen at our workshops teaching our amazing students all about the SPFX and prosthetic side to the film industry. 

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