Combat Acting 9-13yrs

•• Taken by Harry Oram ••
The action class will focus on developing our young actors’ body awareness and the use of their body as a tool in their acting.
Although some young actors may enjoy the physical aspects of action so much that they might later choose to be stunt people; a capable actor must still be able to complete basic tasks before stunt people are used. Such as falling, reacting to a hit, and getting physical with another actor in a completely safe environment so it can be repeated effectively while maintaining everyone’s safety.
In this class, we will take our first step for our young actors towards the world of action filmmaking, and learn some techniques that can also be used in stage combat. They will learn how to deliver several types of “hits”, as well as receive “hits”. They will learn the importance of camera angles, following specific choreography, and how to maintain safety while executing their choreography.
The class will build towards several sequences where the young actors will learn and demonstrate a choreographed fight sequence that we will film on camera.
Classes are $200 and start in Term 4. (limited number)
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