Performing Arts Camp

Created with Support by our Sponsers.

Just on our very first, Performing Arts Camp. 

This is a wonderful way to immerse your young creative in the world of Performing Arts. Led by our helicopter parent and founder Tanya Horo. 

The team we have on board are some of the very best in the Film Industry, we will have archery classes, combat training, SPFX and prosthetic classes, Musical Theatre, Acting for Film, puppet making, script devising, short film creating, editing, lessons on lighting and prop making, karaoke nights and much much more! 

All our tutors are police vetted, our chefs are amazing Grandma’s who make delicious home baking, and wonderful meals and all diets will be catered for!

Please register your interest to receive our information pack as well as all our questions!

Can you say EXCITEMENT!