BOP Actors Studio

18yrs – Adult Screen Acting

BOP Actors Studio Screen Acting Classes.

The philosophy behind our adult classes is to help you develop your own ‘toolbox’ as actors. This will be done through various methods.

Our tutor will teach you about the various acting techniques, expression, character work and development, character building and development – the mind, body, heart and voice connection, chair work, audition technique, and much more…

You will be encouraged to be bold and make interesting decisions within your character choice, deconstruct your roles to bring them back to the whole, get a strong understanding of emotional prep and how to bring an ‘imaginary circumstance into reality’

We want our actors to make interesting, scary and honest choices and to come away from these classes feeling empowered and trusting of their ability moving forward.

These classes will push and test you as an actor, and all done in a safe and supportive environment.

The good thing about these classes is that what you learn you will enable you to apply the technique to all aspects of Acting and Performance, whether it’s Film and TV, public speaking, theatre, or everyday life.

All our classes have a strong focus on the ‘reality’ of acting which pulls strongly to Film and TV and of course we will run through audition technique within in these classes and all the classes we take at BOP Actors Studio.

Class Dates For:

Adults Advanced Acting for Film and TV Class


Class for those dedicated to their career as an Actor

•Tuesday Nights  |  4th AUGUST  2021
• 7.00 pm – 8.30pm pm and every Tuesday for 9 weeks

• We are very lucky to have these classes taken by Tanya Horo, Founder of both BOPAS and Actors Agency TMH Management.

Class numbers will be limited – Register now to get into these classes.

Where: Jam Factory | 17th Ave – JAM FACTORY | The Incubator. – Behind the red barn.
Tutor: Tanya Horo ( Managing Director of BOPAS and TMH Management 


$200 is the cost of the 9 classes.  This must be paid in full before classes begin.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems in regards to the class fees.

Class Tutor: Tuesday Night Advanced – Tanya Horo

Tanya Horo is a celebrated New Zealand artist in her own right, having enjoyed a successful career as an actor, singer and writer.  Her presence on the screen and airwaves has long been recognized and celebrated.  Clocking up well over 15 years of direct experience within the industry, her talent, skill, and wisdom have expanded to include coaching, casting, representation, and now see her become equally recognized and celebrated as a powerhouse amidst the greater industry, both here in New Zealand, and internationally.  

The founder of TMH Management, she heads an agency providing specialist representation for actors, both youth and adult. Passionate about the industry and the nations’ wealth of talent, Tanya has a keen and sharp eye for talent,  how and where to direct it. Tanya is the Founder of Bay of Plenty (BOPAS) Actors Studio, where actors can learn and continue the honing of their craft.  A faculty of equally impassioned, skilled and dedicated industry professionals work holistically alongside the actors, coaching and managing their talent.